The introduction of the Self Attached Brick is the result of hard work and a research process which culminates with the
final product : a mortarless brick with the mechanical capabilities to attach itself with no need of secondary materials.

In this Interlocking Masonry Unit (IMU) is fundamental the male-female interlocking feature located in the symmetrical axial line of
the wall.
This provides efficiency in the brick laying process and protection for the sensitive parts while in storage because the bricks are fixed
in pairs when not in use.

This particular brick is an Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) which provides great performance in sound and heat isolation.


- 200/100/75 mm

-300/150/130 mm

- 600/200/130 mm

Compressive strength:

- 50 kg/cm²

Acoustical performance:

- STC rating of 41 in 20 cm wall

Fire resistance:

- according to ASTM E - 119 it is classified as a 4 hour rating element in 20 cm walls

R - value:

-it has an insulation value of R-30


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