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                                                                 The ProTek Hangar  

                                                              The truly "Portable Hangar"



                      The ProTek Hangar

     There are already several "easy to set up" Hangars on the market and they all are good.  But still there is nothing  close to what the "ProTek" Hangar is like in its concept regarding simplicity and efficiency.

     For instance if we consider the fact that it can be carried in the trunk of a car and can be set up in only 20  min. it is already a big plus.

     Besides UV protection is assured and strong winds won't be a problem.

     There is an innovation it has which is an "all even pressure system".   It is applied for the canopy. 

     The tie down straps are adjusted manually to stacks on grown.

      Some details are to be consider and one of them is that the wings of the UL still need to be tied down.

      It is an advantage that the UL can be brought in or out with no need to remove any piece of the Hangar.    This  would be a problem for a regular Tent.

     Some more characteristics:

          - The longest structural piece is 13 '  when disassembled.

          -  Wind resistance of 32 mph.
          -  It weights 130 pounds.

          -  There  is an "all covered" option.

          -  It is  a one year warranty  product.

The ProTek Hangar




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